Is wheat Roti allowed in Keto diet?

Unfortunately, No. You can not have chapati, roti, tortilla, bread or anything made of wheat in ketogenic diet.

Read along to understand why & when can you have it if needed.

Why is wheat not allowed in Keto Diet?

There are mainly two reasons for avoiding roti or tortilla in keto diet (or any other diet that you might be doing).

Roti or tortilla, is a staple diet in many countries around the world. Originally, roti was made with wheat flour and is supposed to be very high in nutrition and also in caloric value.

Refined wheat flour is harmful

If you want to change only one thing in your life to become fit and healthy for long term, then you need to stop using refined stuff in your diet. This includes everything from refined sugar, refined wheat flour, etc.

Refined products remove a lot of necessary things which are needed by body to process that product. Also, refined products tend to be very high in caloric value and are usually converted to fat and stored in the body too due to the mechanism how they are processed in the human body.

Wheat causes surge of Insulin

Insulin is linked to weight gain, weight control and weight loss. To understand why insulin is so important in keto diet, you need to first understand what is ketogenic diet.

So once you read that article and understand what actually is ketogenic diet and how is it linked with insulin, let me break this news to you that wheat causes a massive surge of insulin in our body, and thus is not good for weightloss at all, especially not in ketogenic diet plan.

wheat chapati roti in keto diet

What should we replace wheat with?

Nothing. Our body can live without wheat. So don’t replace it with anything. Especially if you’re doing keto diet for a limited amount of time.

However if you’re doing it for long term or want a life style modification, then you can have occasional whole wheat slices or roti. Remember, they must be whole wheat and not refined wheat flour.

Whole wheat flour is commonly called “chaki ka bgair channa hoa aata”. Means the flour which is not refined.

However you can survive if you limit wheat to very occasional use too for long term.

Can we have bran bread in keto diet?

No. You can not have anything made of wheat flour, especially refined flour.

However things can be different if you’re on a long term keto diet and want a break in between. For example if you had keto diet plan meals for one or two months and now need a break, without gaining back weight, then you can choose to have whole wheat bread (preferably, instead of bran bread). That too only one or two slices per day.

Tip: Avoid Rice in keto diet too

Although I will be writing a separate post about rice too, I just wanted to add this here, so that people don’t start replacing wheat roti or tortilla with rice.

Rice is more dangerous than wheat and imagine it like a bowl of sugar that you’re eating when you’re eating rice.


There are many things which one can do for a short term diet without worrying much (though i wouldn’t recommend short term harmful diets too). However once your goal is long term and you need to stay on a keto diet plan for months, then it’s important that you talk to a qualified doctor who not only understands keto diet but also understands how human body works and what it needs and what it doesn’t. You can contact us on our facebook page for expert opinion and to get a customised keto diet meal plan for your specific case. Or you can comment on this post with your email id and we will get back to you.

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