How did I lose 20 kg in 2 months with Keto Diet

After successfully losing around 20 kg in 2 months, I started getting a lot of compliments from people around me. Also all obese and fat people started asking me about how I lost 20 kg in just 2 months! So I decided to make this blog to help all those individuals who are looking to find answers and expert advice on weight loss.

Who am I?

I am a practicing medical doctor (mbbs). So I understand the body requirements and how to adjust them, without most likely damaging it. You can read more about me and my team in about section.

How did I gain so much weight?

Well that’s a very good question. If I knew so much about weight management, then why did I gain it in first place?

Unfortunately I had a jaw surgery few months ago. Due to which I was on bed rest along with mostly liquid diet so that I don’t have to chew the food. As there was no physical activity and the diet mainly included shakes and other high calorie stuff, I gained a lot of weight.

I had to take plenty of high energy diet to promote the healing process. If I would have tried to maintain weight, I might have risked the healing process and thus caused more damage in my opinion.

However I do agree, gaining 20 kg weight in 6 months (in fact more) is bit outrageous!

Is losing 20 kg weight in 2 months safe?

Safe is a relative term. If you’re asking about a universal safety, then NO, it’s not safe to lose so much weight in such a short time.

However, if you are obese, with a lot of cushion to weight loss, then it can be possible and almost safe to do so. Provided that you follow strict protective diet routine, so that your body does not suffer from lack of any required nutrient or goes into any permanent damage.

Please consult your doctor, or with any of our professional doctors, before starting any sort of diet plan, especially extreme ones. What’s safe for one person might not be safe for the other.

What type of Diet did i do? Keto or Atkins?

I did a customized diet, slightly different from Keto Diet. It was a mix of Atkins and Keto diet with still some modification in it based on my own analysis and understanding. I might like to call it Dr Khan diet 😉

The diet included items which are easily and generally available in the market. Needed minimum cooking time and was easy to manage. The cost of items can vary, and can be customized infact.

Did I do any exercise?

Luckily, No. I lost 20 kg in 60 days witthout exercise. Although I had an average of 1 to 2km walk per day based on the steps counter on my iphone, but it wasn’t intentional for weight loss. It was my general movement at work, shopping, etc.

So technically exercise is not needed to lose this weight. But I still recommend doing it if you can find energy and time for that.

Keto diet to lose 20kg in 2 months

The diet plan to lose 10kg in 1 month or 20 kg in 2 months, is not exactly ketogenic, but near to it.

Foods not allowed in keto diet

First we will go through what you’re not allowed to do in the modified keto diet (Dr Khan Diet):

  • No Sugar. Zero sugar or anything that contains sugar. Quite obvious one. This also includes no gurr, white, brown, or any form of sugar.
  • No diet soda. Diet coke and sodas with artificial sweeteners in them disturb the insulin levels and metabolism in our body, despite not having sugar in them. So avoid them so that the body can function like normal human body and fix the obesity problem
  • Very low to No oil. Preferably use butter instead of cooking oil that you get from the market (remember, natural butter, not artificial one, not margarines – you will get detail of brands with natural butter in our diet plan too). Although you can still use oil to fry things, but not deep fry.
  • No fruits & Vegetables. (except the ones allowed in our custom diet plan). Not all fruits and vegetables are equal. Most of them are rich in calories and also high in carbohydrates, and thus disturb your diet massively. Therefore only use the vegetable and fruits allowed in our diet plan, and only in the quantities that are allowed too.
  • No Milk. Unfortunately, no milk. This also means no Tea (with milk) and no Coffee (with milk). Sugar free Black Tea and Black Coffee are fine.
  • No wheat. You read it right. No roti (or tortilla) or anything made out of wheat is allowed in keto diet.
  • No bran bread, no whole wheat bread.
  • No rice, white or brown.
  • No biscuits, chocolates, etc. Anything which has sugar in it is a big no. It’s already covered in the point one of this list, but I just mentioned it again to clear our any confusions.

Foods to eat on Keto Diet

Although, after going through the list of items that you’re not allowed to eat in ketogenic diet, one might think that there’s nothing left in the world to fill your stomach with!

Well that’s not the case. We’ve got plenty of readily available food items for you that fit perfectly well in keto diet and help you lose massive weight very fast. There are both ready made foods available in most markets and also which can be made in normal amount of time at home.

However, remember that the diet plan is to be customised for each individual and thus you should consult us first in order to get a diet plan that suits you better without damaging your health and body.

Contact for Keto diet weight loss consultation from a Doctor

You can send us a message on our Facebook Page or comment here using your email id and we will get back to you to discuss regarding weightloss, to provide you with the safest keto diet and weight loss option for your specific case.

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  1. I’m following keto diet right now. I want to Loose my weight and i weight 125☚ī¸. Kindly help me with that.

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